Causes and Treatments for Pregnancy Acne

Women often find that during pregnancy, they develop a new case of acne or their existing acne becomes worse. As you might imagine, this type of acne is triggered by changes in hormone levels as a result of the pregnancy. These hormones cause the oil-producing glands in the skin to grow larger, leading to an over-production of the oil. While Clearogen is made up of the best acne products, the lotion is the most important product for treatment, and it contains benzoyl peroxide. Doctors advise against using benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy, calling for a different method of treatment.
For women who already experience acne, treating your skin before you become pregnant may help you keep it from becoming severe when pregnancy occurs. Achieving the desired results typically takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on the severity of your acne. While you would normally continue to use the products less frequently, they will need to be discontinued once you realize you may be pregnant.
For those women who have never experienced acne before and find themselves facing their first outbreak as a result of pregnancy hormones, there are some steps you can take until the condition resolves. This may be at any time during the pregnancy or after childbirth.

  • Wash your face or other affected areas with a gentle cleanser twice daily. Natural products without parabens, fragrances, or alcohols are best.
  • Don’t wash with rough washcloths or other cleaning tools, and pat dry when finished.
  • Use only oil-free lotions, makeup, or other products on your skin.
  • Never apply any medicated products to your skin. Ask your doctor what the best acne products are that are safe for you to use.

As frustrating as it may be to deal with acne when there are already so many discomforts to deal with, keep in mind that the condition should only be temporary. If your acne persists after the baby arrives, ask your doctor when it will be safe for you to use products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid for your skin. Most agree that while using benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy is a risk to the fetus, it is safe for use in breastfeeding mothers. Call us at 800-30-CLEAR to learn more.
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