Adult Female Acne Treatment that Really Works

Most women with acne have tried a variety of acne products to treat acne, from spot treatments to kits. They may clear up your face for a short time, but before long, the acne returns. Clearogen is the only adult female acne treatment that really works. This is because it goes right to the source of acne in women, which is the hormone DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone. When the oil glands in your skin come into contact with DHT, they make too much oil and your pores become clogged. This stimulates the glands to produce even more oil and swell. Your white blood cells then attack the bacteria and cause a comedone or pustule. This process usually begins developing weeks before you can actually see the blemishes on your face.
Clearogen is the Only Adult Female Acne Treatment that Reduces DHT Production
If acne is in your family history and you have acne, you are producing too much DHT. If you have one or both parents with severe acne, then you probably have moderate to severe acne as well. Clearogen can help by stopping acne at its source. Some facts about our product include:

  • Clearogen is the only over-the-counter product that contains ingredients to stop the production of too much DHT
  • Your glands will still produce healthy oils for great looking skin without excess DHT
  • Clearogen is successful in treating non-inflammatory acne and mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne
  • Once your face is clear after using Clearogen for a few weeks, it will keep acne from returning if you continue using it in lower amounts.
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