Brave Acne Sufferers Share Their Struggle

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There have been a lot of stories on social media and in the news lately about people, mostly women and girls, being bullied about their acne. Have you seen Em Ford’s “You Look Disgusting”? It’s about a beauty blogger who decided to post pictures of herself without makeup and all the hurtful comments she received? How about Seventeen Magazine’s article about teens sharing their acne struggles on Instagram using hashtags #acnesufferers and #acnejourney? The girls post pics of their skin struggles- the good days and the bad- for all to see.
It’s hard to allow yourself to be vulnerable and to let the world see you for who you are, blemishes and all. Unfortunately, you will come across people who are unkind, as in Em Ford’s case. But the good news is, people are now talking about it and most agree it is not ok to shame others for having acne. So if you suffer, know that you have support! If you haven’t joined the conversation, hopefully you will. We would also love to hear your story on our Facebook page or our Instagram @Clearogen.
-Team Clearogen
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