Pregnancy and Acne: The Thing No One Warns You About

pregnancy acne
I have always wanted kids and I pictured pregnancy as being some magical time in my life where I would just be glowing. I was not prepared for what was really in store!
I had always had some acne but it wasn't severe. When my husband and I got together, before we were ready for kids, I went on the pill and suddenly my skin looked great, perfectly clear. Many birth control pills contain hormones that may increase cortisol levels, a female hormone that has been known to reduce acne. Such a treat!
Fast forward a few years and we got pregnant- Yay! Of course, we couldn’t be happier. But boy did I not expect what havoc that would reek on my body! Not only were my emotions out of control and the scale kept creeping up, but also my skin was horrible. I’ve heard stories from friends who say there skin was glowing and clear when they were pregnant but I was not so lucky.
I immediately started looking for an acne treatment I could use while pregnant that wouldn’t negatively affect the baby. Turns out, Accutane can cause birth defects, and a bunch of other ingredients I can’t pronounce, like minocycline can cause bone abnormalities in the fetus. Pretty scary.
Luckily, I came across Clearogen at and found that it contains natural ingredients, none of the harmful stuff. And the reviews are great. People swear by it. I’ve been using the three-step skin treatment for a few months now and my skin is looking great. Now if there were only a treatment for making childbirth less painful. Thanks Clearogen for a great product.
Nikki R., Reno, NV- guest blogger
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