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Breaking the Habit of Acne-Prone Skin

Some people begin having acne in their early teens that continues to worsen as they grow into early adulthood. A hereditary factor may be obvious in its cause because of the history of bad skin experienced by their family members. By the time the individual is in their early twenties and their acne is still going strong, they may feel they have tried every type of acne treatment there is, all to no avail. Although most people’s acne subsides once they reach adulthood, there are exceptions that occur well into the adult years.
Don’t Give Up on Achieving Acne Control
You may have grown up under the adage that “it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside; it’s what is on the inside that counts.” No matter what your attitude, people with acne are treated differently than those with clear, flawless complexions. If you have tried everything, from home remedies to strong prescriptions, without any marked success, there is still one type of acne treatment that should be on your list.
The reason that none of the cleansers, scrubs, astringents, antibiotics, and other OTC and prescription treatments don’t work is that hormones are the cause of your acne. No matter how severe or how long your acne has been a problem, stopping high levels of Dihydrotestosterone from increasing oil production is the key to stopping your acne. Clearogen contains natural DHT fighting ingredients that will clear your acne and prevent you from having breakouts in the future. To learn more, call 1-877-30-CLEAR.
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