What to Expect from Non-Prescription Acne Products

When women develop acne later in life after enjoying blemish-free skin for their entire lives, it can be an overwhelming surprise. Most of them will go to the store to find out what types of adult acne products are available to treat their new skin problems. Some women will order products that are advertised in magazines or on television because of their celebrity endorsements. Due to the concern over their new skin condition, they may buy a product that is more expensive, in the hopes of getting greater effectiveness. Products that advertise before and after acne pictures showing real results offer more authenticity and give women more understanding of what they can expect to accomplish by using this company’s product.
Most of the acne products on the market today contain some of the same ingredients. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are two of the most popular and most effective ingredients used today. Once the woman uses the product containing these ingredients, there is a good chance she will see significant improvements in her skin comparable to those in the before and after acne pictures she used to choose a product. Unfortunately, her newfound blemish-free skin is not likely to last. Within weeks of the initial treatment, she may find that her skin is once again breaking out. She starts to use the same product that she used the first time, and the cycle repeats itself.
Why Acne Products Don’t Produce Lasting Results
Most of the products on the market used to treat acne are effective at treating the current acne, but not at preventing the future outbreaks that are certain to follow. The reason that the woman is experiencing acne for the first time is that this is the first time she has produced enough of the hormone DHT to cause over-stimulation of the oil glands in the skin. A number of factors can cause this to happen, but the result is the same. The products she uses have the ability to clean excess oil out of the pores and reduce inflammation so that the skin becomes clear. What they can’t do is stop the DHT from causing more oil to be produced, which leads to the next acne breakout. That’s what Clearogen does.
Clearogen has DHT fighting ingredients that reduce the amount of the hormone produced so that future outbreaks are stopped, too. The before and after acne pictures associated with Clearogen are not just examples of what your face looks like immediately after use, but also weeks or months after the initial outbreak. To learn more about Clearogen, call 1-877-30-CLEAR.
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