Clearogen Acne Treatment Keeps Acne from Returning

You or your teenager may have tried acne treatment that works to reduce acne to some degree, but within days another outbreak of blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts begin forming on the face. Clearogen acne treatment is the only over-the-counter acne medication that treats acne at the root of the problem. It attacks DHT, the hormone that is responsible for all types of acne, including teenage acne. Acne treatment for teenagers is very important so that scars do not form on your son’s or daughter’s face that can last for a lifetime. Clearogen is an acne medicine that was created by a dermatologist to stop acne from returning again. Here are some facts about our acne medication:

  • Clearogen contains natural medications that clear the pimples currently on your skin
  • It begins working immediately
  • Within 30 days, you can see improvement in your skin
  • When you use our product for 45-60 days, your skin will show much more improvement
Acne Treatment for Blackheads
Blackheads are one of the worst parts of having acne. They are very easy to see on your skin. What is a blackhead? It is a comedo that opens up and looks blackish on the surface of the skin. The black color is not dirt, although many people believe that it is. In truth, the black results from the reaction of oxygen with the excess oil. Clearogen rids your skin of excess oil and prevents blackheads from returning.
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