Clearogen Treats Hormonal Acne in Teens and Adults

Anyone with acne can tell you that it is a terrible skin disorder to deal with. People of all ages can get acne, and you could develop it even if your skin has been clear for years. Hormonal acne can be treated now that dermatologist-formulated Clearogen has been developed.  Acne is caused by too much production of the hormone DHT in the skin of men and women. The over-abundance of DHT results in excessively oily skin. In turn, Pores become clogged and bacteria can form blackheads and whiteheads. Inflammation and other symptoms of acne can be very embarrassing – often to the point that a person does not attempt to socialize unless it is absolutely necessary. Adult hormonal acne affects many teenage women and adult women each month and is sometimes called period acne. By reducing the amount of the hormone DHT in the skin, all kinds of acne can be controlled.

The Difference Between Clearogen and Other Acne Medications in Treating Hormonal Acne
Clearogen is much different from other acne medicines on the market. It is the only hormonal acne medication that keeps acne from returning time and time again. It works with our easy to use 3 step program using these steps:
Step 1 – Clearogen Foaming Cleanser – Removes dirt, makeup, and excess oil
Step 2 – Clearogen Clarifying Toner – Eliminates pre blocking dirt and oil
Step 3 – Clearogen Acne Lotion – Contains natural acne medicine to control DHT

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