Clearogen DHT Blocker Acne Treatment Keeps Acne from Returning

Clearogen is a remarkable, dermatologist-formulated acne product. It is a DHT blocker acne treatment that stops acne where it starts, which is where the hormones in the skin are located. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a testosterone byproduct that is produced in the skin of men and women.  DHT signals the skin to produce more oil than it should produce, and this provides the perfect environment for acne to develop. Acne is not caused by the foods that you eat, such as chocolate or greasy hamburgers. It is not caused by dirt or makeup either, but by DHT. Most of the acne medications that are sold today treat the acne on the skin, but they do not treat the root cause of DHT. With other products, acne returns. This is not the case with Clearogen because it keeps the skin from producing excess DHT and oil.

Helpful Facts about Clearogen

    • Clinical tests have shown that Clearogen reduces acne and prevents new acne from developing

    • This product begins working the first day that you use it by helping the skin produce only normal amounts of oil. It clears existing breakouts and helps skin become smooth

    • Within 30 days, your existing acne will start to go away. You will notice that you are not having new outbreaks and that your skin is less oily.

    • Within 45-60 days, noticeable improvements will have taken place

We are so sure that Clearogen will help your acne that we offer a 60-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Clearogen results after this time, return your products to us for a full refund.
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