Clearogen is an Adult Hormonal Acne Treatment that Works

Anyone can develop acne at any age, and it is especially common in teenagers and middle age adults. Even babies can get acne. This common problem is caused by DHT, a hormone in the skin that causes too much oil to be produced. DHT is the culprit that causes adult hormonal acne. Now there is an over-the-counter acne product that addresses the problem of too much DHT production in the skin. The formula was created by a Board Certified Dermatologist who knew that there was a need for a product that would not only stop acne that is presently on the face or body, but that would keep it from coming back. Clearogen is his product that is safe to use because it is made with prescription grade ingredients and botanical extracts that are gentle on your skin. Clearogen works with a 3-Step Process:
    1. Clearogen Foaming Cleanser – Effectively removes impurities and excess oil from the skin. Bacteria that cause acne are removed, as well as dirt, makeup, and excess oil.

    1. Clearogen Clarifying Toner – Use this product after cleaning your skin with Clearogen Foaming Cleanser. It shrinks pores and reduces redness while eliminating pore clogging impurities. It is safe to use because it is made with botanical extracts that renew your skin.

    1. Clearogen Acne Lotion – This is the most important step of our system because Clearogen Acne Lotion contains the medication that reduces DHT production to restore normal oil production. Benzoyl Peroxide opens pores and kills skin bacteria as well.

Finally There is an Adult Hormonal Acne Treatment that Works
With Clearogen, you can be sure that your acne will be reduced. Best of all, you will not experience new acne breakouts. Clearogen breaks the acne cycle by treating the root cause of adult hormonal acne, which is DHT.
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