Clearogen Works Better than Other Male Acne Products

If you are a man who has been battling acne, you know how devastating this condition can be to your self-confidence. Now there is a product that will finally keep your face clear and get rid of mild to moderate acne. Clearogen is an acne product that works better than other male acne products. It was invented by a dermatologist and is the only over-the-counter product that blocks the formation of DHT.
If you have severe inflammatory acne, you will need to visit your dermatologist to get treatment for your condition. After your doctor helps you get your acne under control, you can begin to use Clearogen, just like others who do not have this very severe version of acne. At that point, Clearogen will keep your acne from coming back. How can it do that? Here is how it works:

  • When your oil glands come in contact with dihydrotestosterone (DHT), they cause too much oil to be created on the skin
  • This oil, plus that in your pores, cause your glands to make even more oil and swell
  • White blood cells attack the bacteria and a pustule forms
  • The acne process begins weeks before you see blemishes on your face
  • Clearogen clears the visible acne on your face
  • Even better, it stops your oil glands from producing too much oil
  • This is accomplished by stopping the production of DHT
  • The result is that, once your face is clear, you will not have the development of new acne
Other Male Acne Products Treat Only the Outbreaks
Other male acne products do not treat acne at the point where it originates, by stopping the production of DHT. They merely clear the face, and then outbreaks occur one after the other. You are never really rid of your acne. Clearogen is different, so give it a try!
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