Teenage Acne Treatment that Works with Clearogen

The teenage years can be difficult for any teen that is adjusting to changes in hormones and facing other issues. When a teen has acne, problems during this time are much more difficult. There is a teenage acne treatment that works. It is Clearogen, a treatment that goes to the source of all acne to stop it. Clearogen is dermatologist-formulated and uses a simple three-step process that teens can use to clear up their blemishes. They are the following steps:
    1. Use Clearogen Foaming Cleanser that is made of botanical extracts and Salicylic Acid to clear your skin of dirt, makeup, oil and bacteria.

    1. Apply Clearogen Clarifying Toner – It is made of botanical extracts and Salicylic Acid to shrink pores and reduce the redness and inflammation of acne.

    1. Smooth Clearogen Acne Lotion over your skin – This important step has been proven to reduce DHT production. DHT is the hormone that is in the skin of both males and females, and it is responsible for the overproduction of oil on the skin that results in the formation of acne.

Clearogen Teenage Acne Treatment Gets Rid of Acne
Male and female teenagers can have smooth skin with natural amounts of oil when they use Clearogen teenage acne treatment. The third step of the Clearogen application, Acne Lotion, contains gradual-release Benzoyl Peroxide that opens the pores and kills bacteria. Teens will find that they do not have dry, irritated skin with Clearogen. Instead, their skin will be healthy and have the proper amount of oil that is needed.
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