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Distinguishing between Different Types of Acne

Although all acne is caused by hormones, there are different types of acne that have different symptoms, with some being more severe than others. Some people have only a few whiteheads that are nothing more than clogged pores. For the many people who wonder “what is a blackhead and how does it differ from a whitehead?” the answer is simple. A blackhead is a whitehead that has been exposed to air. Unlike a whitehead that is still covered inside the pore, the blackhead has oxidized, giving it the black appearance that led to its name. Misconceptions about how these blemishes form often leads those with blackhead acne to take the wrong approach to treatment.
Why Acne Scrubs and Strips Don’t Work
Because of their “dirty” appearance, many people believe that blackheads are the result of not cleaning their skin effectively. In reality, they start as plugs of oil that are caused by a hormone which over-stimulates oil gland production. Scrubs that are made to deep clean the surface of the skin do not get to the root of the problem, far below. In addition, scrubbing with harsh cleansers can cause further irritation that will make the condition worse.
Sticky strips that are applied to the skin’s surface are used to adhere to the blackheads and then lift them out of the pore. While these are only somewhat efficient at removing blackheads, they do not address the real problem of too much oil in the pores.
Why Clearogen Does Work
DHT is the hormone which causes the glands in the skin to produce oil. When there is too much of the hormone present, too much oil is produced. When the oil builds up, and skin cells and bacteria are trapped inside the pore, blackhead acne occurs. Clearogen contains ingredients that reduce the amount of DHT produced, so that oil production is also minimized. In addition to treating the signs of acne you have now, it can also be used to maintain a clear complexion and prevent blackheads from occurring in the future. To learn more, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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