Food Triggers for Acne Breakouts

Food Triggers for Acne Breakouts

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Will Holiday Treats Bring Pimples & Blemishes?

Boxes of chocolate truffles, squares of gooey fudge and steaming cups of hot cocoa are part of the very best moments of the holiday season. And don’t forget the over-the-top, super-rich meals and abundant cheese platters found at every party. But what does that mean for you skin? Will all of the holiday treats equal a new crop of zits just in time to ring in the new year?

Yes and no. But, mostly no.

People have blamed chocolate for acne since . . . well, since the dawn of Hershey’s. And scientists even starting looking into the truth starting in 1969. The many studies over the years show conflicting results in all directions, leaving dermatologists unwilling to condemn the cocoa bean outright.

But what of fried foods? Dairy? Butter? Simple carbs? All the other tasty stuff served at the office holiday party?

There is some research that shows a diet high in fat and sugar may increase sebum production as well as increase inflammation, which are two big components of acne. And it has been found that a diet excessive in dairy can initiate hormonal shifts that could cause a pimple spike in some individuals. So, as always, moderation is a smart choice if you want your best skin. But no specific food has been shown to trigger breakouts.

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All said, a diet that is mostly balanced can certainly tolerate some festive bites through the holiday season and even some downright indulging. Try to stay hydrated and get a variety of nutrients during your celebratory feasts by incorporating fruits and vegetables.

But what is most important is to stay focused on the real causes of acne: genetics (can’t help you there), hormones, bacteria and sebum.

Clearogen works by killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, exfoliating the pores and, most uniquely as compared to other anti-blemish products, reducing the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that causes oil production. Clearogen stops the acne breakout cycle by targeting the hormones. So instead of worrying about whether that milk chocolate Santa Claus is initiating a new breakout, utilize skin care products that handle the issue for you.

So through the holiday season, enjoy your desserts and savory nibbles. Just don’t party so hard you pass out before forgetting to wash off the makeup and chocolate smears with your Clearogen Foaming Cleanser, followed up with a quick swipe of Clearogen Clarifying Toner and a dab of Clearogen Acne Lotion.

As it turns out, you can have your cake and clear skin too!

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Expert Thoughts

Acne-prone skin needs moisturizer, particularly during colder, drier months of the year. In addition to your Clearogen routine, consider using CeraVe lotions to repair skin's moisture barrier without clogging pores.

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