Tips to Keep Acne Prone Skin Clear During Halloween

Tips to Keep Acne Prone Skin Clear During Halloween

Don't Let Halloween Make Your Complexion Spooky!

Chances are your Instagram feed is flooded with amazing Halloween makeup transformations and costume ideas. Keep your complexion vibrant and acne-free with these Halloween skincare tips.

Boo-tiful Makeup Transformations

#1: Clean Makeup Brushes

Get ready now by cleaning makeup brushes and retiring old sponges or wedges. By working with clean tools, you avoid introducing bacteria and dirt to your skin as you apply Halloween makeup. Brushes and puffs should be washes every two weeks and sponges at least once a week. Sponges and wedges should be thrown out once there are no remaining white sections.

Don't forget about eye shadow applicators. Starting with a fresh pack will keep delicate skin around your eyes protected from old oils and bacteria.

#2: Choose Makeup Wisely

Avoid cheap costume shop makeup that contains artificial colors, waxes and oils. Most makeup found in Halloween shops is not put through the same rigorous testing as brand name cosmetics and can cause severe skin reactions and blocked pores.

If your desired look is less dramatic, consider mineral-based cosmetics rather than liquid foundations or heavy concealers.

If you are trying to create a truly drastic change in appearance, consider investing in theatrical makeup. Theatrical makeup usually includes FDA-approved ingredients and is gentler on skin than waxy, perfumed Halloween kits.

#3: Prep Skin

Prep your skin appropriately before applying Halloween makeup. Gently cleanse skin with Clearogen foaming face wash or Cetaphil type cleanser. Avoid excess exfoliation that could irritate and stress pores. Apply a light, noncomedogenic moisturizer before starting your makeup application.

#4: Remove Makeup Before Bed

Whether you are going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or attending an all-night bash with goblins and ghouls, be sure to remove all of your makeup before climbing into bed. You may be exhausted but it's important to get makeup, dirt and sweat off your face before laying down for the night. Let skin breathe as you catch up on some Zzzz.

Masking Your True Identity

Celebrating Halloween as your superhero alter-ego, complete with full face mask? Here are some tips to keep your skin acne-free and happy.

#1: Stick with Noncomedogenic Products

If you are planning to wear a mask, either full face or around the eyes, stick with lighter noncomedogenic cosmetics - or skip makeup all together and let your natural radiance shine through with a little moisturizer.

#2: Skip Blotting Papers

If you are wearing a mask indoors or live in warmer climate, you may be trying to avoid looking extra shiny by packing a few blotting papers in your bag. Or maybe you are thinking the sooner you get oils off your skin, the less likely you are to have a breakout.

Unfortunately the opposite can be true. Blotting sheets can strip the skin of necessary oils, triggering the sebaceous glands to overcompensate and increase oil production. This leads to irritation under the skin and more acne.  

#3: Hands Off

Whether you are readjusting an eye mask for better visibility or checking your Euphoria-inspired glittery eyes, try to keep your hands off your face as much as possible. The last thing acne-prone skin needs is dirt, oils or bacteria from fingers and hands.

#4: Don't Forget About Hair Care

Ingredients in a new shampoo or conditioner may aggravate sensitive skin. Temporary spray-in hair color or the extra hold mousse you are using to complete your look could trigger breakouts on your forehead, back or neck. Double check ingredients, stick with fragrance, paraben and sulfate-free whenever possible and gently clean skin right around your hairline after application of styling products to minimize any potential issues.

The Bottom Line on Halloween Skincare

Most importantly. stick with your routine. Clearogen gently cleanses, soothes and conditions skin to keep your complexion looking its best. If you do end up with a post-Halloween pimple or two, don't overdo it on treatment. Excessive drying agents or harsh cleansers will only cause further breakouts.

The Salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide (or Mineral Sulfur for sensitive skin) and rich botanicals in Clearogen will quickly clear visible acne and reset oil production within the sebaceous glands to prevent future redness and breakouts.

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