How to Use Diet to Fight Acne Breakouts

responsible for causing acne. The foods you eat, such as chocolate and greasy fries, can aggravate existing acne in some people, but the root cause is an over-production of a hormone called DHT. In order for any teen or adult acne treatment to be effective, it must have ingredients that reduce the stimulation of DHT, so that the amount of oil produced by the skin is reduced. In addition to being linked to acne and male-pattern baldness, DHT is also thought to promote prostate cancer.
While some products that contain salicylic acid and/or benzoyl peroxide can clear up some outbreaks, they do not have the necessary ingredients to reduce DHT production and prevent the recurrence of acne. Although a change in diet is not enough to eliminate acne outbreaks, the right kind of diet can enhance your treatment regimen and improve the condition of your skin overall. Some foods and vitamins have shown evidence of blocking the formation of DHT, making them an important addition to any healthy diet.
Although this member of the pea family has been a part of the regular diet in Asia, many people in the U.S. still haven’t taken advantage of the many benefits soy can add to their diet. The seeds inside the pods have a high protein content, and isoflavones which mimic estrogen. Another molecule in the soy bean prevents DHT formation. Soy can be found in vegetarian meats, soy milk and cheeses, and edamame in the grocery freezer.
These sterols are derived from plants and are molecularly similar to human cholesterol. They are believed to inhibit the enzyme which causes the breakdown of testosterone into DHT. Phytosterols are found in olive oil, canola oil, wheat germ, sesame oil, almonds, Brussel sprouts, macadamia nuts, and rye bread.
Biotin is a vitamin that acts as an enzyme component that breaks down carbs, fats, and other compounds. Evidence has been shown that suggests it might also have an impact on hair loss if it is used in combination with zinc cream. Biotin is in avocados, salmon, whole wheat bread, pork, cheddar cheese, and raspberries.
Many of these DHT-fighting foods are also packed with antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to a healthy body and healthy skin. Include them in your diet while using the Clearogen acne products to achieve a healthier body overall. Call 877-30-CLEAR to learn more about the DHT-fighting ingredients of Clearogen today!
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