Jacob’s Syndrome: When Acne Is the Symptom of Something More

All acne is hormonal acne, but sometimes it is more than that. Jacob’s Syndrome is a disorder known as XYY syndrome, a chromosomal disorder that results in a man having an X and two Y chromosomes instead of having one of each, which is normal. Males who are affected often have severe acne during their adolescence. Since this is the time that most males experience acne, the male may not realize that the skin condition is caused by a more serious disorder. The individual may not realize that an excess of hormones is the cause of the severe acne, in spite of other more obvious symptoms. What they probably will realize is that normal acne products do not work in their case.
Other symptoms of Jacob’s Syndrome are:

  • Above average height
  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral problems
  • Somewhat lower IQ in comparison to that of siblings

The vast majority of males who carry an extra chromosome are unaware of their condition. While the severe acne that occurs with the disorder is characterized during adolescence, the condition disappears by the adult years and usually does not recur, at least not to the severity that they experienced earlier. In fact, some professionals who specialize in the treatment of acne do not believe that the severe acne is the result of the disorder, as those with the condition do not have higher than normal levels of testosterone.
Males who have experienced severe acne during their adolescence, and who have a recurrence of acne once they are adults, should not be concerned that Jacob’s Syndrome is the cause. Although women are more likely to experience adult acne, there are men who experience it in lower numbers. Clearogen is an effective treatment for men who experience acne as adults, including those who have had previous breakouts to any degree, and those who have not. To further put men at ease about the potential of having Jacob’s Syndrome, the majority of those who do have the disorder continue to lead a normal life. To learn more about the effects of hormonal acne and the effectiveness of Clearogen as a treatment, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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