Laser Treatment Gives People with Acne Scarring Some Beneficial Results

Even after acne has been cleared up and breakouts are no longer a problem, those stubborn scars left over from popping unsightly pimples can linger. For many people with severe acne, the scarring can be very difficult to handle. Fortunately, aside from makeup and blemish cover-up, there are some new acne treatments that are geared toward removing those annoying scars.
Focal acne scar treatment (or F.A.S.T.), works differently than other laser treatments. It focuses on sending a stream of heat into the dermis layer of skin in order to stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps to fill in those deep acne scars. Since it is such a focused treatment, it is not necessary to use lasers on 100 percent of the treated area to get the desired results.
The results of this treatment are permanent, and as long as the patient doesn't continue to develop new scars, only one treatment is needed. Any pain that a patient might experience is mitigated by applying a numbing cream to the face before the laser is used.
Ideally, a candidate for laser scar removal will have already completed a successful acne treatment, so future scarring can be prevented. Dermatologists will meet with patients for a consultation to ensure that this F.A.S.T. treatment is a good option, and then a subsequent appointment can be made to complete the treatment. When it comes to new acne treatments, scar removal can be just as important as treating the acne that can lead to scarring.
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