Using Benzoyl Peroxide in the Fight against Acne

Benzoyl peroxide is a form of medication that is generally prescribed by a doctor, but there are also many over-the-counter acne treatments available that contain this ingredient. Benzoyl peroxide for acne treatment is designed for topical use on the skin, and has been found to be effective in some, but not all, cases of acne. Before choosing an acne treatment, it is important to understand how products containing this ingredient  work.
Benzoyl peroxide is most successful in patients with mild to moderate acne. Patients with severe acne will need to look for a more effective treatment, as products with benzoyl peroxide alone aren't likely to work. Doctors can prescribe medications with this ingredient that are more potent than OTC products, but the results are generally similar to those patients find with skin cleansers and acne treatments they can buy from drugstore shelves.
The peroxide in this treatment is a form of bleaching agent. It is not a treatment that will help lower DHT, which is a main factor in acne production. Benzoyl breaks down the skin causing it to die and peel away. Dry skin is often a result of using this product.
Other common side effects are red, irritated, itching skin. Severe reactions include a rash, swelling of the skin, and other symptoms that may require a doctor's care. Benzoyl peroxide has been a common way to treat acne for many years, but as research into acne reveals better options, there may come a day when benzoyl peroxide for acne is no longer the preferred option.
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