Living with Acne: Three Tips to Taking Back Your Life

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Do you Photoshop all your photos to conceal acne before posting to Instagram? Ever missed a day of class or work because of a terrible breakout? No one wants to admit it but acne seriously affects your life in so many ways. Well here are some tips for feeling confident and taking control of your life even though you’re dealing with acne:
Stay positive. It’s hard to believe there are people out there that will actually make rude comments about your acne. The trick is to not let them get to you, don’t give them the satisfaction of making you feel bad. They are most likely dealing with their own insecurities and trying to make themselves feel better projecting their negativity onto you.
Live your life. Don’t let acne cause you to withdraw from social situations. Instead, continue to do things you love to do and surround yourself with people you enjoy being around! Isolating yourself and staying indoors will only make you feel worse. Acne does not control you!
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