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More Hormones, More Problems: How to Help a Teen with Acne

I have a teenage son, Josh, that has suffered from acne for years. At first it wasn’t a huge deal, just some pimples here and there, but soon he was having major breakouts. Then, as he got older, add girls into the picture and he started feeling very self-conscious about how he looked. Poor kid, I felt for him but I was at a loss. It’s been years since I had to worry about acne, and a lot has changed since then.

Anyone that has dealt with an emotional teenage boy knows it is not fun and I didn’t know what to do to help, other than bring home a variety of acne cleansers from the store, none of which were very helpful. But then a friend of mine mentioned that her daughter was having issues with her skin too and the first product they found that really worked was Clearogen. Apparently, it blocks DHT production (DHT is a result of testosterone, which runs rampant in teenage boys!) and prevents excess oil production that can clog pores. So I went online and bought some for my son to try.

I’m happy to say Josh is back to worrying about things kids his age should be worrying about, like video games and which girl he wants to take to the movies. He is acting like his carefree, silly self again rather than moping around worried about if other kids are going to make fun of his acne. I highly recommend this product for any of you moms or dads out there looking for a way to help a teen with acne problems.

Kara P., Dallas, TX

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