Our Hormonal Acne Products Were Created by a Dermatologist

Clearogen hormonal acne products are dermatologist-formulated. These natural acne solutions soften and smooth the skin as they get rid of acne. Many other products are harsh and dry out your skin, but Clearogen allows your skin to heal naturally without dryness and flaking. Clearogen goes to the place where acne begins – in the skin where the hormone DHT is produced. Our teenage acne treatment has been clinically proven to prevent the return of acne because the acne cycle is broken. With regular acne products, the skin improves somewhat as blackheads, whiteheads, and inflammations are reduced. Then, in a matter of days, new pimples and acne develops on the skin. This cycle continues over and over again.

Clearogen Acne Products Are Different from the Rest
Clearogen is different from other products because it reduces the amount of DHT produced in your skin. This results in normal oil production so that acne will not develop. Some facts about acne are these:

  • Acne is definitely hormonal and is caused by the over-production of oil in the skin by the hormone DHT

    • It is not caused by not washing your face or by wearing makeup

    • French fries and greasy foods do not cause acne

    • DHT stimulates the oil glands in the skin to produce too much oil

    • Your pores then become clogged

    • This is the perfect environment for acne to develop when bacteria invade the skin

Clearogen is a 3-Step system with natural products that allow your skin to heal naturally. In 30 days, you will see improvement in your acne. In 45-60 days, there will be a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin.
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