Reasons Adults often Fail to Get Help for Adult Acne

Although hormonal acne is a fairly common condition, many adults who are affected by it for the first time in their lives never seek treatment. It is important to understand that Clearogen is an effective adult acne treatment, and that the reasons many people simply decide to accept their skin condition instead of getting rid of it once and for all are understandable, but not necessary. Some of the most common reasons for not seeking treatment when acne occurs as adults are:

  • It occurs somewhere other than the face. Many people feel that if the acne doesn’t impact their appearance to others, it simply isn’t important. Although the face may be one of the most common areas where adult acne occurs, it can also appear anywhere on the body, particularly the chest and back. Even though the majority may have acne on the face, in addition to other areas, they may opt to cover it up instead of seeking treatment.
  • Adults often fail to realize that they have hormonal acne, which can be treated by anti-DHT products like Clearogen. If they know someone who has used over-the-counter products for teens without success, they may have their minds made up without trying the products first-hand.
  • Medications like Accutane and prescription creams, which provide a stronger defense against acne than some over-the-counter products, can have serious side-effects, and they are expensive. Some adults are uncomfortable with the idea of taking dangerous medications, while others simply can’t afford to try them.
  • Adults who have never had acne before may not recognize their skin condition for what it is. They may believe that it is a reaction to stress, or an allergen that is causing their breakout. Without insurance to cover dermatologist visits, they may simply dismiss their skin condition in the hopes that it will go away.

Whether people are unaware of the cause of their acne, or they simply can’t afford to seek the treatment they think they need, Clearogen offers affordable, effective relief without the need to visit a doctor. Call to learn more about the most effective adult acne treatment you can buy at 877-30-CLEAR.
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