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The Connection between Adult Hormonal Acne and Diet

People have long suspected that the reason they had acne was their poor diet. Fatty foods were believed to contribute to the excess oil that caused to occur. While some people found it easier to believe in the validity of hormonal acne once acne they were adults experiencing acne for the very first time, the cause of acne in teens is still believed by many to be the result of eating greasy, fried foods, drinking sodas, or ingesting other types of junk food. The reality is that all acne, both in teens and adults, is caused by hormones. Even so, while using Clearogen as an effective acne solution for your skin will produce the visible results you want for your skin, diet does play an important role in the overall scheme of things.
The Importance of Nutrition
The hormone DHT is responsible for increasing oil production in the skin. When excess oil builds up in the skin’s pores, the cells that shed off are trapped in the oil, keeping the bacterium that cause inflammation to be held underneath, while the skin cells are trapped and lead to inflammation.
While the role of the diet is minor, it is still worthwhile to pay attention to what you eat. The skin continues to renew itself, using nutrition from your food to perform the functions that keep it looking healthy and smooth, repairing damage, and rebuilding new cells. Although no specific food is really effective at fighting acne, opting for nutritious foods instead of those with high fat content and lots of empty calories will give your skin more nutrients to work with. Also, if there are any specific foods that you have realized lead to an increase in acne, try to avoid them.
Vitamin A
This vitamin is found in fish oil, carrots, broccoli, and other green vegetables, providing the skin with the nutrition it needs to regulate the skin’s cycle. Ensuring you get the recommended amount of 10,000 IU daily Vitamin A will help prevent oil and dead skin cells from becoming trapped in the pores.
The best approach to having healthy skin is to eat a well-balanced diet that includes lots of vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids, which also help prevent inflammation and some other problems with skin. Clearogen has the ingredients you need to fight hormonal acne. A healthy diet has the nutrients you need to improve overall health and maintain healthy, glowing skin that glows! Call 877-30-CLEAR to learn more.
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