Use Clearogen for Adult Male Acne Treatment

Clearogen is the best product for adult male acne treatment. Our acne products are dermatologist-formulated. It is the only over-the-counter product that treats the root cause of adult male acne, which is DHT. DHT is a hormone in male and female skin that causes the oil glands to produce too much oil. Pores become clogged and acne develops. Anyone who has severe acne should see a dermatologist, because it can cause severe scarring. A dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics and treatment that will help prevent disfiguring scars. For acne that is not severe, Clearogen is a 3-Step program that will reduce acne and prevent future outbreaks.

Forget the Myths About Adult Male Acne Treatment
Many myths about adult male acne treatment circulate in the general public, and they are absolutely not true. One of these is that, if you want to treat your acne, do not eat chocolate or French fries. Acne does not result from eating fatty foods like these. A few other myths that should be disregarded as the cause and treatment for avoiding acne are these:

    • If you wash your face enough, you can treat your acne -- This is a myth, because regular cleansers do not reduce the bacteria on the skin and over-cleansing can actually worsen acne.

    • Your acne will go away after your teenage years, so just use spot treatment during this age period -- Acne happens to people of all ages, even to newborns. It requires a treatment that lessens DHT production.

    • Pop your pimples to make them go away as a treatment -- Another myth, because acne should never be popped. Popping can make it worse and can spread the inflammation and infection.
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