Acne Scars and Skin Damage in Men

Although male acne is more prevalent than in females during the teenage years, women are more likely to have acne as adults. When men do get acne, they are more likely to develop the more severe type that causes cysts, and which is likely to leave scars and skin damage behind. Frequently, when acne treatments for men are prescribed by a doctor, they include the use of prolonged antibiotics to address the bacteria that is believed to be the cause. This type of treatment may be temporarily effective until the excessive hormone that causes over-stimulation of the oil glands leads to a new outbreak. When the condition is not effectively treated, cystic acne can develop and lead to acne scars.
There are different types of acne scars, including:

  • Atrophic scars -- shallow craters, resembling chickenpox
  • Ice pick scars -- narrow, deep indents, like an icepick might cause
  • Boxcar scars -- deep, angular dents in a row

Depending on the man’s skin tone, the scars may be accompanied by a darkening of the skin or redness of the area. One of the problems with treating acne scars is, instead of getting the right type of help, men try to use their own methods to treat male acne and manage to make it worse.   Sun exposure, picking or squeezing the blemishes, and applying Vitamin E are some of the common practices believed to improve acne, when, in fact, it only exacerbates the problem and can lead to more severe damage of the skin.
Using cortisone creams to reduce inflammation, and fade creams which reduce the pigmentation in the area can help the scars that already exist. There are also laser treatments and dermal fillers which stimulate collagen production or fill in the indentations that the acne has caused. It is important to realize that scars that have already developed may be treated with these methods. However, you will need to use effective acne treatments for men to stop future outbreaks and prevent further damage from occurring. To learn more, call 877-30-CLEAR.
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