Natural Ingredients for Preventative Care of Acne

When people treat acne, they tend to have the idea that the product has to sting to help. In some cases this is partially true, since the medication that dries up the current acne can cause a slight stinging sensation for some people. The real solution lies in natural acne products that can prevent further breakouts.
Chemicals can treat current acne so that it dries up. The problem is that this is where it ends. By treating current acne, the current outbreak is treated, but nothing else. In fact, this can cause increased acne because of the way the skin responds. Acne treatments dry out the current acne, but this drying out process also causes the skin to want to compensate for the dryness. Remember that the skin is an organ, and its job is to remain pliable in order to sufficiently protect everything under it. When the skin becomes dry, it isn't as pliable. The body responds by creating more oil to make the skin more pliable.
By using natural acne products that treat current outbreaks and provide the nutrients that the skin needs to avoid being dry, along with the inhibitors that stop excess oil production, you treat more than just the current outbreak. You are doing preventative maintenance that will allow your skin to stay nourished and pliable, rather than going between being dry and oily. If you only treat the outbreak, you are causing your own recurring acne problems. Why not treat the problem, itself, along with the symptom?
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